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How Hotel Rates Are Directly Impacted by Hotel Guest Reviews

Hotel Guest Reviews

How Hotel Rates Are Impacted by Hotel Guest Reviews

Hotel guest reviews both good and bad hold considerable power on hotel rates! Therefore it is important to use them! Click here to learn about the impact!

Hotel guest reviews, good and bad, hold more power than ever before when it comes to booking rates.

Need some help keeping up? Check out our guide to understanding the power of hotel guest reviews. It'll help you move up the hotel food chain.

Why Hotel Guest Reviews Matter

It's safe to say that the days of the attractive hotel website and decades-old brand reputation are just about over. A survey by Trip Advisor in 2015 deduced that over 90% of visitors decide on a hotel or accommodation by checking out the ratings on a review aggregate like Yelp. That's significant.

So who cares? Does this really impact the success and longevity of your hotel or bed and breakfast?

The answer is yes, absolutely. People are sick of awful accommodation experiences, especially because they are getting more and more expensive yet can be anywhere from underwhelming to downright awful.

Now, customers are taking their business to places that other customers have tried and trusted while avoiding accommodations known for being not so great. Whether you're a newly independent hotel, a seasoned chain, or a small bed and breakfast, the reviews are what will get you those bookings.

Getting The Best Hotel Guest Reviews Possible

If your hotel is burdened with some pretty poor hotel guest reviews, don't worry. We can help you manage that and give you some helpful tips on how to boost customer satisfaction.

Keep up with your online reputation.

Keeping up with your online reputation isn't difficult but it can be tedious. However, doing a few key things can really change your online reputation:

  • Whether it's on your website or on a secondary website, openly encourage feedback.

  • Respond to negative feedback on review aggregate sites, social media, and everywhere else with politeness, sincerity, and an offer to resolve any problems. Do NOT argue with negative online comments-- potential customers will cringe and look elsewhere.

  • Respond to positive reviews with thanks-- your happy customers deserve it too.

  • Regularly search for your accommodation business via search engines regularly to see if any additional buzz pops up.

  • Use a reputation management tool to maximize your impact if possible.

Having an online presence that makes it clear that bad experiences will be remedies definitely makes your business look more attractive.

Listen to your customers

Whether they're fans or not, commentary from reviews should be noted and changes should be made if possible. Letting things go and not taking action based on feedback will just lead to more negative feedback, and far less conversion.

Get help from pros

If you're really suffering, an e-commerce service that boasts online content management, sponsored listings, and marketing liaison services may be worth trying out if your hotel isn't getting the best reviews possible.

How was our guide to understanding the impact of hotel guest reviews and how to use them to your advantage? Tell us what you think, as well as your own good (or bad) experience with hotel guest reviews in the comments below!

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