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Social Media for Hotels: These 10 Tips Bring in the ROI

Social media has the biggest ROI of any other digital marketing channel.

In fact, some marketers have even reported up to a 1,000 percent return on investment from their efforts.

Social media marketing could be the difference your hotel is looking for to boost your bottom line. Social media for hotels is a real need.

After all, without a clear focus and targeted marketing plan, it's next to impossible to compete with the big names in the hospitality industry.

Ready to spruce up your hotel's social media? Let's dive into why it's so important, and 10 tips that you can use to skyrocket social media for hotels.

Social media for hotels is invaluable in the digital age

Social media is invaluable in the decision-making process for the average consumer. 3 out of 4 people consult a business' social media profiles before making a purchase. It's no different in the hospitality industry.

Building a strong social media presence is an asset in this digital age. In most cases, your social media pages are seen as a way to display glowing reviews of your property. Your social media will speak for you and even win over customers, without them even having to pick up the phone.

Now that we've got that covered, here's take a look at what you can do to get that effect with your hotel's social media:

The first 5 tips: the content you create affects your ROI

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram turn over more than a billion users daily combined. If you work to create the right content, you can garner your own slice of those users.

Here are five tips for creating magnetic content to build the solid social media presence needed to boost your return on investment:

Fun Facts

Travelers love trivia about the destination your hotel is in. Sharing fun facts with prospective travelers on social media establishes you as an expert in that particular destination.

Additionally, your social media page will be top of mind whenever they think of visiting that destination. They will be more likely to book a stay at your hotel.

Travel Tips

If you want travelers to be more inclined to stay at your hotel when they visit your area, you'd do well to offer them informative travel tips.

Potential visitors love feeling like they're getting exclusive tips on how to save money or garner new experiences on their trips. This will get you the attention of travelers making plans to visit your area, potentially scoring a booking in the process.

Top 10 Recommendations

These kinds of posts are easily sharable on social media and are a rave among your target market. Putting together a list of the top 10 best things to do in the city or area where your hotel is located will definitely attract potential guests.

Guest Stories

People love hearing about other people's experiences. By sharing the fun, interesting and exhilarating experiences your guests have had at your hotel, you'll draw the attention of potential guests. They'll be tempted to imagine the kind of experiences they could have if they chose to book with you.


Most travelers look for authentic experiences when they travel. By showcasing the human side of your hospitality business on social media, you're bound to attract eager guests. You can do this by showcasing members of staff, posting pictures of the chefs preparing meals and even videos of families participating in activities hosted by the hotel.

Now, we've got the kind of content that will increase your return on investment. Let's consider 5 tips for setting up your social media profiles to ensure maximum ROI.

The last 5 tips: how to set up your social media accounts

There's definitely a specific way to go about setting up and customizing your Instagram and Facebook accounts so that your social media marketing efforts can be a success.

For Facebook:

Your cover photo says it all

Be sure to choose a cover photo that represents the essence of your brand, and entices visitors to inquire about your hotel. A popular pick is a breathtaking snapshot of the hotel property that would hook visitors into delving deeper.

Post as many pictures as you can

Visual content is a secret weapon in the social media marketing arena. Posting pictures to your Facebook page can go much further and make more of an impact on your visitors than posting bland words all the time.

Pictures are more likely to be shared, which is more likely to get you exposure.

Post special offers and promotions

Posting your special offers and promotions will get people invested in your brand very quickly. Incorporating these into your posts on Facebook will attract and retain fans to your page who will become guests.

Bonus: collecting names and email addresses during these promotions is a good way to grow your email lists.

For Instagram:

Use trending hashtags

By using relevant trending hashtags when you post to Instagram, you'll be allowing potential guests to find you much easier. If there's a hot craze and you make a relevant post about it using the trending hashtags, expect engagement and interest to skyrocket.

Instagram rewards quality, not quantity

The beauty of Instagram is that it's not about how much you post on a daily basis, as opposed to what you post and when you post it. Taking the time to curate an Instagram feed filled with high-quality photos and videos relevant to your niche is invaluable. Spend time finding the right hashtags for your niche and putting together quality content.

Also, make sure you use the link in your Instagram bio. It's the only live link you get.

Let's be real, though - social media for hotels isn't something that any and everyone can master right off the bat. After all, it takes months and years of working in the digital marketing arena to figure out what actually works.

If you're looking for a social media solution for your hotel right now, you're in the right place. Here at Winberg Hospitality, our mission is to provide all our clients with top notch digital marketing services for their hotels.

Interested? Visit our contact page for more information.

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